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NLynx OmniTerm Thin Clients

 Specifically designed to best fit the needs of Entreprises of all sizes, NLynx OmniTerm® Family of Thin Clients offers a complete set of performing, reliable and environmentally friendly devices.

All OmniTerm® products are available with a user interface localized in different languages and the OmniTerm® 160, 180 and 200-Series integrate a 802.11b/g WiFi™ communication controller.

Structured around the 160-Series, 180-Series, 200-Series and 500-Series hardware platforms: , the Nlynx OmniTerm® Thin Clients feature the Linux, Windows CE 5, Windows CE 6 (200-Series) or Windows XPe operating systems.
All include the latest ICA and RDP clients for seamless connection to Windows based servers, as well as the TermPro emulation suite to access Midrange, Mainframe and UNIX/LINUX hosts.
Additionally, they all feature Internet Explorer (Windows based OmniTerm®) or Firefox (Linux based OmniTerm®).

The centralized administration software ORCA, based on open industry standards, is a unique tool allowing the network Administrator to remotely control, shadow and administrate all OmniTerm® Thin Thin Clients present on the network.
Simple to install and easy to use, ORCA is backed up by an integrated and versatile asset management tool.


OmniTerm Série 160


OmniTerm Série 180









Many customers, enterprises and organizations are trusting us to simplify and secure their information systems.

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OmniTerm®, a family of high-performance and easy to use Thin Clients.

Directive DEEE

The OmniTerm® products fully comply with the requirements of the European Directives WEEE and RoHS.

Directive RoHS