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IBM iSeries

The first AS/400 Midrange Computers were born in June 1988 as successors of the IBM System 3 (32 and 34) mini computers and integrate many of the IBM System S/36 and S/38 computers.
The early models were powered by a CISC microprocessor.

In year 2000, IBM revamped its product line in an effort to adapt it to the new emerging  e-Business ecosystem.
The AS/400 is then renamed iSerie Server.

In year 2004, with the emergence of the first POWER5-equipped units the product line takes the name of  System i5.

The  iSeries Servers family encompasses the iSeries 250iSeries 270, iSeries 800, iSeries 810, iSeries 820, iSeries 825, iSeries 830iSeries 840, iSeries 870 and iSeries 890 models.
They are powered by 1 to 32 RISC processors and their performance ratings span from 150 CPW to 37400 CPW for a 32 Power4 equipped  iSeries 890.

Whether you are looking for a complete, ready-to-use server or a single additional device
(memories, disks, adaptators, backup), or a more "technical" element such as fan or power supply, please make your choice in the following pages and contact us.

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