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OmniTerm 160-Series



OmniTerm Série 160

OmniTerm 160-Series


OmniTerm Série 160

OmniTerm 160-Series, WiFi



Standard Plateform

The 160-Series is a complete family of economical and performing   OmniTerm® Thin Clients.

Based on a single hardware platform, the 160-Series OmniTerm® Thin Clients are powered by Linux, Windows CE 5 or Windows XPe operating systems.

With their small footprint all the 160-Series models can be easily mounted at the back of any VESA compliant monitor, on the wall,  or under the desk freeing valuable desktop workspace.

Powered by a low consumption AMD GX processor the 160-Series OmniTerm® features two to four USB ports (depending on the model), two serial ports, one parallel port and, optionally, can be connected to the OmniSmart external smart card reader (internally or externally) and/or to the external USB WiFi™ controller OmniLink/bg.

Within the 160-Series the OmniTerm/160bg integrates a WiFi™ controller for a fast and simple deployment and the OmniTerm/160s an internal PC/PS smart card reader.

Download OmniTerm 160-Series data sheet

160-Series OmniTerm:
OmniTerm/L160 (Linux)
  OmniTerm/W160 (Windows CE 5.0)
  OmniTerm/X160 (Windows XPe)
  Built-in WiFi™ (OmniTerm/L160bg, /W160bg, /X160bg)   

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