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200-Series OmniTerm



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Power and performance

Combining power and performance, OmniTerm® 200-Series is the latest addition to the widely recognized family of NLynx Thin Clients.

Based on a single, highly performant, hardware platform the 200-Series  features a range of Thin Clients powered by Linux, Windows CE 6, and Windows XPe.

With a small footprint, the 200-Series models are shipped with a stand/foot for vertical mounting, but can also be horizontally positioned on the desktop or mounted at the back of a VESA compliant monitor to completely free the user workspace.

The high performances and low power consumption of its Ultra Low Voltage VIA C7 processor combined with its dual screen high resolution support, Gigabit ethernet and fast DDR2 RAM, greatly enhances the user experience.

The 200-Series OmniTerm® feature four USB ports , one serial port, one parallel and , optionally, support the OmniSmart external smart card reader and the OmniLink/bg external USB WiFi™ controller.

Thanks to its very low electric consumption, the 200-series largely and silently contributes to lowering the Enterprise's energy cost and its carbon footprint.

Within the 2000-Series the OmniTerm/200bg integrates a WiFi™ controller for fast and simple platform deployment.

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