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OmniTerm Text

OmniTerm texte

IP Terminal for heterogeneous environments

OmniTerm® Text is a polyvalent and versatile "green" IP terminal perfectly suited to fit the requirements of businesses with needs for accessing server based text applications without investing in PCs and graphical Thin Clients.

Easy to configure and shipped with a 122-key keyboard, OmniTerm® Text delivers seamless access to the IBM (iSeries, zSeries, pSeries), UNIX, Linux ou DEC environments.
Additionally, its built in POP3 email client increases user productivity and work experience.

Terminal and printer emulations :
- Built in TN3270e and TN5250e for terminal and system printer emulation  (AS/400,
- Local print screen on locally attached and network printer.
- ASCII VT100 and VT220 terminal emulation for the AIX, DEC, UNIX and Linux environments.
- Four simultaneous emulation sessions in multi-host herogeneous environment. Possibility for one printer
  emulation among the four. 
- No boot server.

Email client :
- Send and receive mail with the POP3 built in client.
- Message print out.
- Address book.

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