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OmniTerm 180-Series


OmniTerm Série 160

OmniTerm 180-Series


OmniTerm Série 160

OmniTerm 180-Series, WiFi



Advanced Plateform

The 180-Series is a technological evolution of the 160-Series bringing more performances within the same compact footprint.

Based on a single hardware platform, the 180-Series OmniTerm® Thin Clients are powered by Linux, Windows CE 5 or Windows XPe operating systems.

With their small footprint all the 160-Series models can be easily mounted at the back of any VESA compliant monitor, on the wall,  or under the desk freeing valuable desktop workspace.

Powered by a very low consumption AMD LX processor the 180-Series OmniTerm® features two to four USB ports (depending on the model), two serial ports, one parallel port and, optionally, can be connected to the OmniSmart external smart card reader and/or to the external USB WiFi™ controller OmniLink/bg.

Within the 160-Series the OmniTerm/180bg integrates a WiFi™ controller for a fast and simple deployment and the OmniTerm/180s an internal PC/PS smart card reader.

Download OmniTerm 180-Series data sheet

180-Series OmniTerm:
OmniTerm/L180 (Linux)
  OmniTerm/W180 (Windows CE 5.0)
  OmniTerm/X180 (Windows XPe)
  Built-in WiFi™ (OmniTerm/L160bg, /W160bg, /X160bg)   

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